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Rami Zeevi recently joined NRT’s efforts to preserve and sustain wildlife alongside the development of communities that share the same landscape in Kenya. The organization's mission is to enhance the value of wildlife and nature to the local population by offering stable job opportunities in areas where employment is poor. This is done by creating alternatives to deforestation and poaching. About two-thirds of Kenya's wildlife live outside national reserves and parks, so community reserves have become a fundamental component of the country's eco-enhancement program. The Covid-19 global pandemic severely hurt NRT's funding sources to an extent that there are concerns the conservation achievements of recent years will dissipate completely. Zeevi’s efforts are to assist in finding solutions to these and other problems that NRT faces today. The exhibition at the Photography Festival is part of his campaign to raise awareness of the fragility of this important ecosystem. 


Leatherback Turtles
Collebra, Puerto Rico
Monkey Rescue
Mazor, Israel

Apollonia EcoPark
Herzelia, Israel
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